Cherokee Presbytery

Supporting Congregations of the Presbyterian Church (USA) in NorthWest Georgia


Once upon a time, clocks and watches were all mechanical devices. They had faces with hands for hours, minutes and seconds that could be seen and mechanical gears that moved the hands. About fifty years ago quartz technology was applied to watch making on a large scale. [+] [-]
Its been more than two months since most of our congregations gathered for worship in what we would call a "normal" way. We know that whatever a return to our buildings looks like, it will be a "new normal." But you might also say, it won't be "normal" at all. [+] [-]
This week talk has turned to what will it be like once we "re-open" the church. This is a concern for returning to our buildings. But let's be real clear - the church has not ceased operation. We have "left the building" but we still make a difference in the world. [+] [-]
I learned a new word this week: VUCA. It stands for Volatility. Uncertainty. Complexity. Ambiguity [+] [-]
Each Cherokee Presbytery church can receive a grant for ministry in the midst of the COVID-19 Pandemic [+] [-]
What will getting back to "Normal" look like? [+] [-]
The churches and people of Cherokee Presbytery continue to offer the mission and ministry of Jesus Christ in these challenging times. Thank you for your faithfulness and perseverance! [+] [-]
What we say and what we do as followers of Jesus is important. No more so than in this time of high anxiety. [+] [-]
We believe the story of God’s love in Jesus Christ has the power to transform lives, communities, the world. This story has come to us because generations of disciples have shared what they know with the people around them… and they told someone… who told someone… who told someone. The story is now ours to pass along. Social-Media-Marketing-StrategyHow do we tell others what we know in a world saturated with noise? [+] [-]